Paid Advertising

Fashion – Kids

AO76 is a kids-wear brand that approached Landing to improve the performance of their online store. Before they were mostly oriented on their offline shops.

AO76 is a well respected kids-wear brand. However the difficulty here was that the buyer and influencer were different people. Kids have a big impact on the buying decision, but are not able to complete purchases, so we needed to set-up a system that would allow to influence the one, and convince the other. In collaboration with their team:

  • We built and optimized a personalized structure to fit to the specifics of the parent-kids relationship.
  • We adapted and optimized the campaign tactics in close collaboration with the marketing team to increase performance
  • We perfected audience sets to get the best results for the business

Since we started we’ve added over 125% on average each month compared with their 6 month baseline.

Landing Feedback:
AO76 was great to work with as their brand allowed for high average order values which allowed us to get really performant results. generate unique and creative ways yo further build and improve the system.

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