Elle & Rapha


Paid Advertising,
Mail Automation

Fashion – Family

Elle and Rapha approached Landing to improve the performance marketing approach of their brand.

Elle & Rapha are kind of an “influencer” brand of origin, which means that they are in degree of connection with their followers which they have been able to succesfully turn into a brand.

Ofcourse this asks for a specific approach which makes use of their influencer approach. One of the most important elements is to deeply integrate their content calendar and marketing campaigns up to the level of posting on an hourly basis. Thanks to their deep knowledge of their followers we adjust the campaigns based on life event; special moment of the week or big social events.

We’ve been able to keep their consistent level of growth and are building an even more integrated approach which is increasing the value of every customer or follower they are gaining with a ROAS (over all sales) well above 30.

Landing Feedback:
Elle & Rapha is a great brand that is able to turn its following into brand following. Thanks to their deep connection with the brand we’re able to generate unique and creative ways yo further build and improve the system.

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