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Fashion Experts

We know the ins and outs of every brand we work with. A logical choice since we’ll be driving the online performance of the brand. We like to see us as the digital manager of the online brandshop. And since branding is everything in Fashion we’re obliged to know the ins and outs. The digital approach must connect seamlessly with the offline business and the positioning of the brand. 

That is why we first sit together extensively with various relevant employees of the fashion company to perfectly understand the profile of your customers / prospects as well as the brand. And once we start working together we set up direct communication lines for day-to-day stuff and weekly meeting for strategic assignments.

Thanks to our unique position in the fashion ecosystem we are an undeniable partner through our (1) fashion expertise, (2) variety of brands we’ve worked with and our internal (3) benchmarking ability.

Sector Expertise

Over the years, we have been able to collect a lot of data about fashion brands and shops, so we know the ins-and-outs of about every brand type (children, sports, streetwear, high-end).

Our customers actually benefit from the mistakes others have already made over the years. Thanks to our extensive experience in the fashion sector we’re a valuable partner to strengthen any brand’s online activity.

We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise in this dynamic sector during an informal conversation.

Fashion Webshop Data

Average Conversion rate
Average Add To Cart rate
Average order size
Expected growth in Online Fashion Market (Pre Covid)
9,3% in 2021
11,6% in 2020
13,3% in 2019

Variety of Brands

We work with Fashion clients from all over Europe (Belgian, Dutch, French, Italian and the Nordics). Thanks to working with over 20 medium to high-end brands we’ve optimized our structures and campaigns ROI.


There are no other Performance Agencies out there that can do the benchmarking that we do.

Thanks to the fact that we manage so many fashion clients we’re perfectly capable of seeing where things go wrong (or are on top of the game) so we can focus on the things that matter.

Ever wondered if it’s your collection, your advertising or the general commercial mood that is  driving your current results? Well we’re here to tell you that in a spot second.

Critical Data to Benchmark

Advertising engagement rate
Advertising Outbound conversion rate
Webshop Add To Cart rate
Webshop Conversion rate
Webshop Average Order Value
240 Euro
Facebook ROAS
Google ROAS

Fashion Case Studies

Fashion Content Hub

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