Landing x Fashion

How we help Fashion brands.

First things first

Strategy is the foundation of every project. Especially given today’s challenging fashion environment, this is the key to success. The digital approach must connect seamlessly with the offline business and the positioning of the brand. That is why we first sit together extensively with various relevant employees of the fashion company to perfectly understand the profile of your customers / prospects as well as the brand.

Here we explicitly discuss the (online) future prospects, webshop expectations and digital marketing options.

Online Fashion

Over the years, we have been able to collect a lot of data about fashion brands and shops, so that we already know why things go wrong within a certain webshop. We constantly benchmark our clients against their peers, and always aim for the highest level.

Our customers actually benefit from the mistakes others have already made. Our many years of digital experience in the fashion sector makes us a valuable partner to strengthen your brand.

We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise in this dynamic sector during an informal conversation.

Fashion Webshop Data

Average Conversion rate
Average Add To Cart rate
Average order size
Expected growth in Online Fashion Market (Pre Covid)
9,3% in 2021
11,6% in 2020
13,3% in 2019


Our fashion webshops have two non-negotiables: Extreme ease of use & a 100% love factor for your customers and visitors.

Our goal is to make your “brand shop” their favorite online store and information point.

We achieve this with (1) a strong architecture and organization and (2) a personalized shopping experience.

Our preferred platform is Shopify but we work with other technologies too (WooCommerce, PrestaShop,…).

(1) Strong architecture and simple organisation

  • Easy and clear pro-active communication: style, price information and product specifications
  • Product view with shop-the-look and lifestyle photos
  • Search function to easily and clearly navigate the collection including smart search filters
  • Integrated ERP system that provides seamless experience and stock management
  • Help via sizing guides

(2) Personalized shop experience

  • Product suggestions based on searches, order history and profile
  • Remember payment data for greater comfort
  • Loyalty programs

Digital Marketing

In digital marketing we come up with two sides proposal

  1. We ensure more sales for the Webshop together with visibility and brand awareness.
    In practical terms, this means that we can submit a certain return on investment (ROI) on a monthly basis.
    The ROI is packaged in digital marketing under return on ad spend (how many euros of turnover is generated by purchases that are directly linked to the advertisements).
    Landing scores among the best in Europe with a consistent return of between x4 and x8 with our eCommerce Ad funnel for fashion brands. In other words, our customers realize 4 to 8 euros in turnover for every euro that we invest in advertising.
  2. We provide more insights about the customers of the brand that can be used off- and online.
    In practice, we ensure that the profiling of customers becomes much clearer, provide insights in which campaigns resonate better and we constantly give tips and tricks for further growth.

The channels we use to communicate naturally depend on the target audience of the brand, but the majority of ads are managed through FB business manager, Pinterest ads manager and Google ads.


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