Filles A Papa


Paid Advertising,
Webshop Dev

Fashion – Men

Filles A Papa approached Landing to increase the performance of their webshop on international markets.

We investigated the specificities of the Filles A Papa customers and fans. This was essential since a big part of their (big) fanbase is not a buying customer.

We built and optimize two structures: one focused on their customer base, and one focused on international audiences:

  • the international structure is more product focused and contained more nuances based on our expansion strategy
  • the customer structure is more brand focused

Since we started we have grown the webshop by over 200% focusing on expensive products with average order values above 300 euro. Together we are scaling the brand’s online sales across the world with a ROAS (over all sales) above 20.

Landing Feedback:
Filles A Papa was one of our first brands we had with a very international focus. Throughout the years of our collaboration we’re really able to create a great collaboration design and campaign wise. And thanks to the rigid structure we’re able to pull of a very international cosmopolitan approach.

Filles A Papa always strike us with the novely in their visuals, a real treat to the eye.

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