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Some of the wonderful insights we’ve gathered on Fashion over the years.


Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it. Read some of our cases and see how we help our clients.

Industry Data

Get a grip of how the industry is moving and where you are positioned.


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Brain Picks

A selection of some brain spins from our team on books, tools, guides and more!


Case studies from Landing on some of our clients.

Don’t take our word for it. Read some of our cases and see how we help our clients.

  • Three cases discussed in detail
  • Data on the impact and results
  • Information on strategy and structures


Specific reports and data on Fashion in 2021.

Social Performance for Jewelry and Beauty

Have a look at where your brand stands on its social media performance coving brands in BE, NL, FR and IT.

  • Facebook & Instagram followers (in #)
  • Engagement rate (in%)
  • General Rating (A+ to F)

State Of Beauty 2021 by BOF, McKinsey & Landing

Read and watch how experts discuss the position of the Beauty Industry in 2021.

  • Key Trends in the Industry
  • Point of view of McKinsey & BOF
  • Digital impact comments from Landing


Educate yourself with some videos.

When is your Brand Ready for Performance Marketing?

Do the check and see whether your brand is ready to work with a Performance Marketing agency like Landing.

How to set yourself up for success in Performance Marketing?

Do you think Performance Marketing might be interesting for your brand? Have a look to see how you can prepare and set yourself up for success.

How does Performance Marketing work?

Get an overview of how we build the eCommerce advertising structure for our clients from our team’s captain David.


Some of the thoughts of out team.

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