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How we help Lifestyle business.

First things first

Lifestyle products focus on evoking emotional connections between a consumer and that consumer’s desire to join a group. Products that lend themselves to lifestyle are linked to Home & Decor, Sports and Animals.

Strategy is the foundation of every project. Especially for identity-related purchases such as Lifestyle. The digital approach must fit seamlessly with the offline business and with the positioning / communication of the brand. That is why we first meet extensively with various relevant employees of the company to perfectly understand the profile of your customers / prospects as well as the brand.

Here we explicitly discuss the (online) future prospects, digital marketing options and webshop expectations.

Lifestyle Online

Over the years we have been able to collect a lot of data about lifestyle shops, so that we already know why things go wrong within a certain webshop. We constantly benchmark our clients against their peers, and always aim for the highest level.

Our customers actually benefit from the mistakes others have already made. Our many years of digital experience in the sector makes us a valuable partner to strengthen your brand.

We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise in this dynamic sector during an informal conversation.

Lifestyle eCommerce Data

Expected share of eCommerce in industries in the US by 2023
38,7% - Apparel & Accesoires
32,3% - Furniture & Home
48,9% - Office equipment & supplies
47,9% - Toys & Hobby

Biggest eCommerce markets in Europe on Home & Deco

0 M€
Verenigd Koninkrijk
0 M€
0 M€
Median Conversion Rate
0,7% - Furniture
1,8% - Home & Garden
2,3% - Pet Care




1. Top Of the funnel

= Does not know your brand

Here we focus only on people who have never interacted with our brand before this time. Here we exclude all people who: involved in previous social interaction, visited the website, etc.

Purpose: Introduction of brand
Success: Engagement

Most important channels

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

2. Middle Of the funnel

= Knows your brand, but isn’t interested (yet)

Aimed at people who have shown interest but have not yet had enough contact to make a purchase.

These are usually people who have shown engagement on Social Media or Search but have not yet visited the website, or people who have visited the website but did not click on products.

Goal: Converting interest into interaction
Success: View Content

Most important channels

  • Instagram
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Ads

3. Bottom Of the funnel

= Know your brand, and might be intersted

Here we are targeting people who have viewed products on the website but not purchased or added products to their cart but not completed their order.

Purpose: To persuade to Purchase
Success: Add to Cart & Checkout

Most important channels

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Ads
  • Mail

4. Repeat Customer funnel

Knows your brand, and is intersted

Here we are targeting people who have bought in the past 7-30-90-180 days with different offers / upsells.

Low hanging fruit! Bringing in a new customer is 25 times more expensive than keeping an existing one.

Purpose: Returning customer or promoter
Success: Second purchase

Most important channels

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Mail


Our lifestyle webshops have two non-negotiables: Extreme ease of use & a 100% love factor for your customers and visitors.

Our goal is to make your “brand shop” their favorite online store and information point.

We achieve this with (1) a strong architecture and organization and (2) a personalized shopping experience.

(1) Strong architecture and simple organisation

  • Easy and clear pro-active communication: style, price information and product specifications
  • Product view with shop-the-look and lifestyle photos
  • Search function to easily and clearly navigate the collection including smart search filters
  • Integrated ERP system that provides seamless experience and stock management
  • Help via sizing guides

(2) Personalized shop experience

  • Product suggestions based on searches, order history and profile
  • Remember payment data for greater comfort
  • Loyalty programs
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