Natural SELF


Paid Advertising,
Mail Automation


Natural Self is an online first 100% natural & vegan skincare brand which approached us to improve the return on their online marketing.

Natural Self as a skincare brand is focused on creating a community. Returning sales are of the upmost importance.

In our approach:

  • We focus heavily on maintaining, managing and using the Customer Data Platform (which we build)
  • We ensure uniform campaigns and offers are run efficiently across channels
  • We plug-and-play mutliple channels based on the time of the year and campaigns that they are running
  • We heavily depend on insights from different countries to improve the international approach

We’re running and constantly developing a blueprint to build and maintain the customer base with a ROAS (over all sales) well above 4.

Landing Feedback:
Elle & Rapha is a great brand that is able to turn its following into brand following. Thanks to their deep connection with the brand we’re able to generate unique and creative ways yo further build and improve the system.

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