Wasted Paris


Paid Advertising,
Mail Automation


Wasted Paris reached out to us because of decreasing results as they were maturing online and privacy updates (thanks Apple) were hot.

Wasted Paris already has their analytics and data systems in place so we were able to start quickly. In our strategy we used their large database in order to start off with strong performance.

In our approach:

  • We used insights from their main market in order to adjust our strategies in foreign markets
  • We adapted and optimized the campaign tactics in close collaboration with their marketing to team to increase performance
  • We used the so-called “zero funnel” campaigns in order to identify hot leads

Since we started with them we were able to reverse the negative online sales trend (-8%) into positive growth (+13%) while activating new international markets.

Landing Feedback:
Wasted Paris is one of our more international oriented clients. They are able to walk that path because of their “not your average brand”-look and heavy focus on their specific segment.

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