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Social Fashion Reports

Download our annual Social Fashion Reports.

In these reports we’ve analysed close to a thousand brands in Belgium, France & The Netherlands.

We deep dive into the scores of individual brands on Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook & Instagram as well as general trends in the Fashion & Lifestyle community.

This is great info for us as an agency to get insights on the relationships on different platforms between brands & fans as well as for brands to see how they are performing in their market.

What makes us (truly) special

Pay for Performance

Goodbye hourly fees. We believe in your online growth and only succeed when you do. Our goal is to establish a strong partnership, one that is not only based on the financial side but truly cares about the story behind each brand.

With a fee linked to your monthly performance, we ensure that you only pay for the achieved results. Thanks to our proven track record we’re able to implement our industry-specific learnings efficiently and help you reach your desired goals quicker. We know the challenges of the digital landscape and enhance your existing strategy with a data driven approach.

What makes us trustwOrthy

1. Industry Expertise

Our team of experts knows the ins and outs of the fashion, lifestyle and beauty landscape. Being up to date with the latest news and trends, we make sure passion for the industries is what truly drives us. 

2. Europe & Beyond

We are not an agency that covers only the region. We have put in place structures and strategies that allow us to approach several regions of different cultures.

3. Benchmarking Power

We are the only agency that has enough brands to assess all indicators, whether tangible or intangible, so that we can spot opportunities more easily and more precisely. Check out our reports as reference.

our services

Performance driven marketing solutions

We help our brands to be succesfull online. In order to be succesfull we help in a wide variety of subjects which we implement based on the needs of the brand.
Some of our client brand’s let us take full control, others like to be in the steering wheel (for example for creatives).

Online Advertising

Paid marketing based on Performance Marketing principles on lifestyle platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and Google.

Mail automation

Mail automation to improve the return on the investment of all Performance Marketing efforts throughout the funnel.


Editing and Production for visuals first platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


Scaling organically and through paid advertising on lifestyle platforms like Amazon and Zalando.


Development (WooCommerce & Shopify) and improvements on webshops (also PrestaShop, Wix & Magento).


Brands that work with us

A selection of some amazing brands we help shine online

Wasted Paris
Nathalie Vleeschouwer
Rue Blanche
Natural Self
Filles A Papa
Elle & Rapha
Laurence Delvallez
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