An overview of the market with a focus on social media metrics and data based on data from December 2021

What Will You Find In This Report?​

In this Social Performance Report we take a closer look at the French fashion market. We’ve analysed over 450 French fashion brands with over 5.000 followers on Facebook and Instagram combined focused on data from October 2021.

Looking at data from:

which insights exactly?


The report is really a deep dive into how the French fashion scene is doing on social media.  You’ll get a general overview as well as a detailed position of each brand in the French market.

We specifically rank all French brands on following metrics:

  • Combined FB & IG amount of followers. For some this might be a vanity metric, but our experience learns it still provides good insights into reach. Certainly in combination with the other FB & IG metrics.
  • Engagement rate, which measures the level of interaction between a brand and its followers on Instagram. Take into account that the higher the amount of followers the harder it gets to keep high engagement.
  • Total grade, which measures a Brand’s influence on Instagram based on a variety of metrics. If you have an A or B rank you are more influential than a C rank brand.
  • Followers evolution, which looks at the % change of combined FB & IG followers vs last year (only for the brands that were included in last year’s report).
  • TikTok insights, focused on followers and likes, of French Brands on TikTok.
  • Pinterest insights focused on monthly views of French Brands on Pinterest.

Would you like to know how the entire French fashion industry is evolving and where you stand between brands such as Jacadi, Rive Droite Paris, French Trotters or Stella & Suzie? Download the full report via the link below

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